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A high performance culture attracts talented people and increases and sustains the value of the firm.

A high performance culture is not something that is temporary or a “quick-fix”; it is a deliberate and sustained shift in how the business operates from the boardroom to the customer facing front line. Everybody is involved; it is not something that is “done” to people, it is an invitation to be part of something that is dynamic and vital.

Attitudes, behaviours and values are all part of the cultural mix in an organisation. For a business trying to deliver a demanding strategy these are put in context by the style of leadership as well as the expectations of all the stakeholders in the firm.

Some points about a high performance culture -
  • It is dynamic and requires energy and focus to achieve and sustain
  • It attracts. retains and motivates high calibre people
  • It is shared; people want to be a part of it
  • It underpins and defines the business
  • It is a vital element in the delivery of strategy
HIgh performance cultures are created by organisations that want to build their business and increase its value.

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